This afternoon’s culinary adventure:
grapefruit + avocado + lemon juice + dijon mustard + olive oil + kosher salt + coarse-ground pepper

Original post came from here. The salad is delicious and easy, with seasonal (late winter/early spring) Northern California produce. I totally butchered the avocado today, but that made the salad no less delicious. The fragrant, slightly bitter citrus + creamy avocado pair really well with the dressing, which is tangy and peppery. And then there are the colors, which are pretty great.

I made the lemon juice:olive oil ratio closer to 1:1 (rather than 1:2). Didn’t miss the fat. Also, because I’m lazy and currently lack a dishwasher (we’re about to start a remodel on our house), I put all the dressing ingredients into a little jar and just shook the heck out of it (rather than whisking it together in a bowl). To avoid avocado butchery, I recommend following the recipe’s instruction to scoop out the avocado first, then slice it (don’t do it in reverse like I did).

P.S. Note for Silicon Valley readers: Hamada Farms has awesome citrus right now at the Mountain View Farmer’s Market.

Found: via Pinterest…via acozykitchen.com, via an Ina Garten recipe from this episode of Barefoot Contessa.

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