4th of July at our friends’ place. We brought fixings for sangria. It’s a bit bastardized from what’s probably the original sangria, but we really, really like this version:

  • red wine (tempranillo or rioja)
  • cold ginger ale (the dryer the better)
  • yellow nectarine (firm and crisp), sliced and/or cut into bite-sized pieces
  • white peach (firm and crisp), sliced and/or cut into bite-sized pieces 
  • orange, halved & then cut into slices
  • brandy (we got a decent Hennessy)

I forget the proportions, but don’t worry, I trust that you too can wing it, because that’s what I did. Just find a recipe that sounds good and use it as a foundation. Then adjust as needed:

  • more/less brandy for more/less kick and general brandy-ness
  • If you like it fizzier and lighter, add more ginger ale. If you like it more robust with wine & brandy, add less (or none!).
    The ginger ale came from another friend’s recipe; we like the fizz & it takes the place of a sweetener. I do think a dry (less sweet) ginger ale would be best, but all we could get was Canada Dry. No worries, still tasted really great.
  • As you can see, we like TONS of fruit. You don’t need to be as fruit-crazy as we are.
    Other fruits I like: granny smith apple

Mix it all up, and enjoy. Perhaps with a canine friend.

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