For the root beer fanatic in your life, you may be interested in ROOT:


The silhouette is all sturdy elegance—a lovely cylindrical glass storage tank filled with something earthy and good. Oh, and the name. ROOT. That’s pretty great too. The modern take on Victorian typography is a visual echo of the revival project contained inside (the makers say this spirit comes from an 18th-century Pennsylvania folk recipe, one of the precursors to non-alcoholic birch and root beers [athough…that’s rather pre-Victorian]). I also enjoy the ingredient illustrations and hand-lettered calligraphy:


We opened the seal and inhaled a combination of spice and root beer with a sour finish. After it’s poured out for a while, it mellows out: it becomes more caramel-y and the sour note softens. Then we tasted…the jury is still out on whether this is a home run or not. ROOT has a familiar but complex root beer palate, but was also spicier than anticipated. And while we don’t like super-sweet liquors, we wonder if a touch more sweet, and a touch less spice is more our speed. So…taste-wise, this technically doesn’t yet meet the 100%-satisfying bar, but I like the packaging and the concept too much to not write about it. And it also warms up your insides really nicely. To be all purist about it, we tasted it neat; it tastes like it has really good mixing potential so I’ll have to try some of the recommended recipes and  report back later…

ROOT is made by Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction (for Bay Area folks, it’s available for in-store pickup at Cask, a lovely specialty liquor shop in San Francisco).

Found: via my friend Brenda’s blog: brendalikesthis who also endorses Art in the Age’s Philadelphia storefront.

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