My favorite writing instruments for…wow, over 10 years, the uni-ball Deluxe, Micro tip, and uni-ball Vision, Micro & Fine tips:


photos from uniball-na.com

Rollerballs are unequivocally my preferred writing instruments when it comes to pens. The fluid ink rolls out of them effortlessly, and these two uni-ball lines have nice, really dark, water-resistant inks (the ink in the Deluxe lines is also acid-free). I also like the heft, but they cover different preferences: the Deluxe are quite light, and the Vision runs more to my middle ground. They’re both specified at .7mm and .5mm, but I find that the two Deluxe tips run finer than the two Vision tips. I consequently use the Deluxe Micro for fine lines, and the Vision pens for more substantial ones. Love these pens.

Note, these are what I like to use for writing or note-taking. I’m still trying out pens when it comes to sketching (mostly due to the fact that I don’t sketch often enough)…there’ll be a post after I’ve determined some favorites.

Found: I think I first encountered these randomly…as a random pen at my mom’s office, or provided at some kind of event. I promptly latched onto them.

Sanford L.P. is the exclusive distributor of uni-ball gel and roller pens in U.S. and Canada. uni-ball pens are manufactured by Mitsubishi Pencil Co., Ltd. of Tokyo, Japan.

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