The late, great Vella Cafe in Chicago had a fantastic steel-cut oatmeal which they cooked with coconut milk and served with toasted (unsweetened, I believe) coconut flakes and dried cherries. For this week, I made my lazy, but still tasty version: cook your steel-cut oatmeal like normal, serve with coconut milk drizzled over top, add dried cherries.


Make sure to use sweet-tart cherries like Montmorency…dried Bing cherries have a flavor that’s just too flat. The coconut milk is rich like cream but with a tropical touch that pairs nicely with the nuttiness of the oatmeal. Tart-and-sweet dried cherries are one of the best fruit matches to oatmeal I’ve encountered. Brown sugar is a nice addition if you like it more sweet. Bonus: this is vegan.

You can find a photo of Vella Cafe’s oatmeal within this thread on LthForum.

Found: inspired by the oatmeal at Vella Cafe.

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