Documenting great kitchen tools: when I need to juice any citrus, I reach for my OXO wooden citrus reamer.

Summary: the material (wood), and the shape (pointed tip, sharp trough edges, comfortable handle) = efficient juicing.

The heft and fit in hand are very nice. Being wood, the surface texture also helps open up all those juice-filled cells. I guess I really like that it’s one material suited well for its purpose, crafted with good size, proportions, and weight. Here’s a photo in-hand, for a sense of scale:


It definitely beats out my old plastic place-on-top-of-a-bowl style of juicer-with-strainer, which doesn’t fit on very large containers or most drinking glasses, and is practically impossible to use without dirtying a separate bowl (it turned making a single serving of lemonade into a two-vessel affair). The plastic surface presses, but doesn’t open up the cells nearly as well. I suppose I somewhat miss having a strainer to catch seeds, but it’s a worthwhile trade-off.

Found: often seen on cooking shows (most memorably on Jamie Oliver’s “The Naked Chef”); finally picked one up while browsing around Bed Bath & Beyond, early spring 2010

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