This is a purchase from a few years ago, from a lovely ceramics designer/maker in Brooklyn, NY: Perch! This is the Tiny Basket:


[photo from perchdesign.net]

I found this item on their site (via…possibly 2modern.com or designsponge.com, which, holy crap, has a new site design). I really liked its petite size, the thinness of the ceramic, and its lines, which are simultaneously swooping and quiet (a quality found in many Perch! pieces). It arrived in a nice little brown, square cardboard box and it was as good in person as it was in the photo. And while I didn’t expect the completely rounded bottom which causes it to rock and spin with every touch, that’s kind of fun too.

Eventually I’ll have a kitchen more worthy of the Tiny Basket. Here are some photos of where I use it in my old 1940s-era tiled kitchen top (for holding rings by the kitchen sink, near a frog friend for holding scrubbing sponges):


Found: via 2modern.com or designsponge.com

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