I have confirmed an eternal truth of pasta pairings, and here’s the breakdown, make it and repeat: butternut squash ravioli + browned butter + sage + lemon + parmesan + salt & pepper

So I bought some fresh butternet sqaush ravioli at the farmers’ market last weekend, where the vendor’s cooking suggestion recommended their sage compound butter. I figured I could do a decent job on my own and procured some fresh sage.

The browned butter sauce prep, and the final results:


Until tonight, I’d never made a browned butter sauce, or even browned butter for that matter. But I’d seen this particular pasta and sauce pairing many times over on restaurant menus and food websites. I figured I’d wing it…brown some butter while the pasta cooks, add a healthy amount of chopped sage, salt and pepper to taste, toss the pasta in the saute pan.

I started boiling water and browning the butter and realized…maybe I ought to reference a few recipes. Glad I did. I pulled mostly from this Mario Batali recipe on the Food Network site, which was what added lemon and cheese to the plan:
Mario Batali’s Butter and Sage Sauce

I love a little tart with practically everything. And cheese. Cheese always goes well with an oil- or butter-based sauce. These additions were so worth turning down the burners and running to the computer.

This recipe from epicurious sounded awesome as well, and it made me feel safe about using more sage:
Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Brown Butter and Sage

(Those gnocchi also sound like they would be damn good.)

I’d say just follow Batali’s recipe, but you can add a lot more sage, chopped or whole. The little whole leaves crisped up delightfully in the brown butter (by the way…I totally forgot adding the sage foams up the butter pretty dramatically, so that was a startling but fun surprise). I didn’t use as much cheese, so I needed just a little bit of kosher salt. More cheese probably would have been better. I definitely like including black pepper. Together, everything was so good—the woodsy, nutty, buttery sauce robust with cheese, tangy with citrus, coating the earthy-sweet ravioli and its warm touch of nutmeg.
Why haven’t I done this before?

Found: via years of seeing this combination on restaurant menus + spying butternut squash ravioli at the farmers’ market + the Google + the Food Network + epicurious.com

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