I had a vague idea about illustrating some recipes by shooting the mise en place along with required utensils, and then I saw this:

Mandelmussla (almond shells):




Fina Kanelbullar (cinnamon buns):


These are photos from a new cookbook IKEA released in Sweden titled Hembakat är Bäst, (“Homemade is Best”).

Why’s this satisfying:

  • implementing visual surveys of recipe ingredients 
  • the unexpected shaping of dry and wet ingredients (shaped piles with crumbling edges, dots and dribbles of extract/oils, geometric & diagonal forms)
  • subtle things: the use of color backgrounds for the ingredients, white for the finished products (probably a conscious choice given that white flour and sugar don’t show up so sell on white backgrounds)

Client: IKEA, Joel Idén
Agency: Forsman & Bodenfors, Sweden
Art director: Staffan Lamm, Christoffer Persson
Copywriter: Fredrik Jansson, Anders Hegerfors
Account director: Susanna Fagring
Account manager: Ewa Edlund
Retouch: Factory, Henrik Lagerberg
Photographer: Carl Kleiner
Stylist: Evelina Bratell

Beat me to the punch. But I think I will still give my version a shot.

See some more pics from the book here:
and here (along with some more info from the design agency behind the book):

Found: I believe I spotted this one on my friend Elle’s site: http://elleluna.com/woah

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