Sometimes, it’s nice to know even the design perfectionists at Apple can let errors slip through, or perhaps just run out of time to fix them all. I feel like it happens to me all the time. Today I finally installed iOS4 and found a small boo-boo in the Contacts app: I spy a stray plus button that has lost its way.


[update: As expected, Apple has since fixed this. They opted to remove most of the plus signs (they still keep them next to the “add new address” and “add field” buttons). They also separated the ringtone field from the phone number fields. The sequence is now phone numbers, emails, ringtone. I do miss the other green plus buttons, and also wonder if the ringtone field shouldn’t join/immediately follow the phone number fields.]

This next change I agree with in principle, but the execution isn’t as polished as usual: Apple removed the previously highly modal process of editing postal addresses (tap on the street, edit it in separate street-edit screen, tap done, return to contacts edit screen, tap on the city, edit it in separate city-edit screen, tap done, return to contacts edit screen, etc.) Now you can edit an entire address on one page (for other examples of this, see native Android). Sadly, none of the fields change size if your content exceeds the starting width (which is quite frequent). Some of these fields are straight up way too tiny. Case in point: the field for the city. It doesn’t get any bigger than what you see here:


[update: this is still the same]

sympathize though. This game of perfection is crazy hard.

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