At the Sunnyvale Arts & Wine Fest. For some reason, we didn’t look at any art or drink any wine. But we had strawberry lemonade. In fact, we went back and got seconds:


– pureed strawberries + lemon juice + water + sugar + ice + throw in a juiced 1/2 lemon
– everything into a large cup, cap with another, and SHAKE!
– also great without the strawberries

You may have noticed that lemonade stands often throw the juiced lemon halves into the mix, shake the hell out of the whole thing, then leave the lemon halves in your cup. The lemon halves aren’t an afterthought: the oil in citrus zest hits your olfactory receptors (big players in the sense of taste) and creates an even stronger impression of lemon than the juice itself. The result is frothy, frosty-cloudy, perfectly cold, and incredibly lemon-y.


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