If you do design for websites, you’ll likely need to screenshot lots and lots of webpages. And if you find yourself manually re-sizing windows to get consistently sized images, or piecing together multiple screenshots to recreate a tall webpage, there’s hope! A few months ago, I saved one coworker from the task of piecing together like 20 screens from 40–60 separate screenshots.

1st issue: how to capture entire webpage when it is wider/taller than your available screen space
Screen Capture Elite for Firefox
Fireshot add-on for Firefox

Install these add-ons and enjoy never having to piece together webpages in Photoshop. Also important: these can grab the site content only, no browser chrome.

2nd issue: controlling the browser window size
Firesizer add-on for Firefox

The ability to resize your browser window to specific pixel dimensions will allow you to create perfectly consistent screenshot widths and/or heights. You can also simulate smaller screen sizes.

So these tools are add-ons for Firefox, but I’m fairly certain Safari probably has similar offerings, and Chrome is working on theirs. Don’t ask me about IE though. I rarely want a screenshot of something in IE.

Found: I believe I found these tools via the Google + Firefox’s add-ons site.

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