(Recommend: watch the video through before reading the notes.)

Why’s this satisfying:

  • The concept & writing are simultaneously simple and novel, and the actor who plays the cop has great execution and timing.
  • These two lines: “A picture of you for above my bed, please?” and, “Here’s your picture back, I don’t deserve it. Also a short poem I wrote about you.”
  • So personally, I can play this thing over and over and laugh at it over and over. But it tends to drive everyone else insane.
  • Lastly, this so succinctly sums up the joys of having a dog. Your dog can’t fully comprehend everything wrong in your life, but that’s ok, because that’s also why they’re always there for you.

Small criticisms:
I wish they held just a beat longer on the driver as he gives the sidelong look to his dog. But aside from that, it’s an awesome execution.

Found: husband…via reddit/digg/something like that.

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